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Well guys, if you already haven't heard - Rentrer has decided to disband. DDDD: I can't even express how disappointed & sad I am right now.

I know we didn't post often, but I'm certain that we'll keep going until they're done and maybe figure out something for the back entries.



Nooooo D:! I hadn't heard about this. x___x Man!
They're what?!
they can't do that...
damn this sucks.
Is that for real???!
Unfortunately, yes it is true.
GOD!! I just read all of that and... that's so sudden, I didn't thought that this will happen with Rentrer..
Ah, crud.

I never got to see them live and had really hoped they'd try to tour here in the U.S. Very disappointing.

Aww, yeah. I haven't seen them live myself, and I was in japan for 2 1/2 months and still didn't get to see them. D: So, you're not alone.
what are they writing about now?? in the blog. anything that explains why?
I'm waiting for Satsuki to post something on the blog.
i'm waiting for that too, because he is a very emotional guy on his blog, and i really want to see what his feelings are on this.

from the rough translation done by google translate, i can tell that mika's post was really sad and that he is upset over breaking up. ;__;
gosh...i am soooo sad that they are disbanding ;_;

why are always the bands disbanding that i like? >_<

(at least i was able to see them live..it was....LOVE<3<3<3<3)

thanks for going on translating their blog entries

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